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Why Massey Ferguson Tractors ?

Massey Ferguson is one of the most prominent manufacturers of high-end farming equipment. Massey Ferguson tractors have been in the market for over a half-century. The tractors that we offer are of the finest quality and most capable. Massey Ferguson tractors in Ghana are significantly popular due to the fact that they’re inexpensive, easily accessible, and can be operated effortlessly with minimum training. There are several climate zones in Ghana from dry to wet, and every region has its own characteristics such as the soil it has the type of land it is, and the overall climate of the country. We supply tractors of different horsepower that best suit your climate zone.

Massey Ferguson Tractors at Competitive Prices in Ghana

We offer a disparate series of Massey Ferguson tractors with varying horsepower which start from 50 to 85 horsepower. These involve MF-240 with 50 Hp MF-260 with (60Hp), MF-360 (60 Hp with Hydrostatic power steering), MF-375 with (75 Hp), MF-385 with (85 Hp), and Mf-385 4WD with (85 hp).  This wide variety of tractors is manufactured with the goal of fulfilling all the farming equipment needs of the farmers in Ghana. Farmlands vary in size and soil type, we provide the best tractor prices in Ghana, suitable for every kind of Farmland specifically in Ghana.

massey ferguson tractors for sale ghana

Farm Implements for Sale in Ghana

Farm Implements for Sale in Ghana

  • Bed Shape Planter

    Bed Shape Planter

    Bed shape Planter Specification FRAME: 50X50X6M BOX HITCH: 75X36X6MM LENGTH: 1520MM HEIGHT: 2240MM WIDTH: 2240MM APPROX WEIGHT: 470KGS
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  • Disc Plough

    Disc Plough

    Disc Plough Specification Available from 2-5 discs WEIGHT 550 WORKING WIDHTH 990MM WORKING DEPTH 250MM HEIGHT 1235MMh LENGTH 2130MM POWER REQUIRE 85HP ONWARDS
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  • Front Blade

    Front Blade

    Specifications Power Dozer to fit MF 240, 350 Plus, 260, 360, 375, 385 tractors Blade Model MT-08/1=6′ * 22″ -(Single ram) Model MT-08/2=6.5′ * 30″ (Twin ram)  
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  • Rear Blade

    Rear Blade

    Rear Blade Specification Width: 5’ – 12’ Length: 5ft with wheel 1/2” Reversible/replaceable cutting edge.
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  • Wheat Thresher

    Wheat Thresher

    Specifications No of Cutter 104-128 Height with Wheels 6’ Length of Drum 4.5’ – 5.5’ PTO Speed 540RPM Fuel Consumption 7-7.5l/hr Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above
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Tractor Implements for Sale in Ghana

We offer a wide variety of tractor farm implements that will help you perform multiple tasks. They can be attached to all the tractor models of Massey Ferguson. Tasks like ploughing, fodder cutting, harvesting can be easily carried out using our tractor implements in Ghana. Our aim is to ensure that farmers save money by spending less on labour resources, and get maximum work done with the help of these too quality farm equipment.

The implements for Massey Ferguson Tractors that we manufacture include disc plough, chisel plough, wheat and rice reaper, boom sprayer, cotton ridger and more.

Every country has its own specifications such as soil and land type, land size, climate zone etc. These implements are specially manufactured with the aim to assist the farmers with tractors in Ghana considering the characteristics of the region. For example, disc plough is used on rugged land which has been already used for harvesting and has remained from the previous harvest. Whereas chisel plough is used on land with the only topsoil being fertile, it digs deeper than disc plough which helps the soil underneath to receive the right amount of sunlight, natural air, and moisture.



Clean Quality agricultural machinery in Ghana at affordable prices to meet every budget. Visit Massey Ferguson Ghana for your choice of tractors and discuss your payment plan with them.
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Very attractive Massey Ferguson tractors dealer in Ghana. They now have providing implements trolleys, trailers, loaders and other farm machinery for your convenience.
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Very friendly and professional staff offering Massey Ferguson tractors at affordable prices for Ghanaian farmers. Also, a good place to buy any type of tractor parts and implements.
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