About Massey Ferguson Ghana

Tractors for Sale in Ghana

Massey Ferguson is one of the most prominent manufacturers of high-end farming equipment. Massey Ferguson tractors are in the market for over a half-century. The tractors that we offer are of the finest quality and most capability. Massey Ferguson tractors in Ghana are significantly popular due to the fact that they’re inexpensive, easily accessible, and can be operated effortlessly with minimum training. There are several climate zones in Ghana from dry to wet, and every region has its own characteristics such as the soil it has the type of land it is, and the overall climate of the country. We manufacture tractors of different horsepower that best suits your climate zone.

We offer a disparate series of Massey Ferguson tractors with varying horsepower which start from 50 to 85 horsepower. These involve MF-240 with 50 Hp MF-260 with (60Hp), MF-360 (60 Hp with Hydrostatic power steering), MF-375 with (75 Hp), MF-385 with (85 Hp), Mf-385 4 Wheel Drive with (85 hp).  This wide variety of tractors are manufactured with the goal to fulfill all the farming equipment needs of the farmers in Ghana. Farmlands vary in size and soil type, we provide tractors suitable for every kind of Farmland specifically in Ghana.

Furthermore, we take pride in the fact that we offer in farming implements for Massey Ferguson Tractors in Ghana. These implements are easily attachable to any Massey Ferguson tractor. They will allow you to perform all the significant tasks generally required for agriculture. Since Ghana’s economy majorly depends upon the Agriculture sector, these implements will assist the farmers to maximize the yield. Along with yielding benefits, the farmers will save time and other labour resources. The implements that we use are of a wide variety which includes the disc plough, chisel plough, wheat and thresher, cotton ridger etc. The aforementioned implements will you help you plough, harvest and cut the crops with minimum human involvement.

We are committed to delivering you the best products and services for all your farming needs.