Potato Planter

Potato Planter

Potato Planters Specification

Specification For 2 Rows
Power Requirement 50 hp & above
Seed Capacity 240 kg
Fertilizer Box 150 kg
Distribution Through Silver Aluminum 4 Nos.
Double Conveyer System Seed Holder 96 Nos. Cups

Specification For 4 Rows
Power Requirement 85 hp & above
Seed Capacity 600 kg
Fertilizer Box 300 kg
Distribution Through Silver Aluminum 8 Nos.
Double Conveyer System Seed Holder 192 Nos. Cups

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The farm implements feature multipurpose equipment potato planter that takes care of the requirements of farms. As the name suggests it can help in planting bulbous plants which include potatoes, Pachyrhizus, and others. With these tractor implements, farmers can perform various tasks like ditching, fertilising, sowing, and mulching membranes. Not only this but with this planter different areas can also get covered that require special demands. In addition, it does not ask for some specific kind of maintenance and comes along with strong mobility. The structure is extremely sturdy and compact to ensure longevity. It just not saves time for the labor but can perform the chores easily.